The Purple Flower

Tiny Fireworks

There was once this small very young kid who lived with his dear old Mom inside a small home. They loved each other so much and one day this kid’s mom comes to her dear old son and gently gives him a Rial and send him off to buy her some meat so that she can cook dinner for the both of them.

So, off this kid goes all chirpy and nice singing melodies on the way to the market get the meat that his Mom wanted to cook and comes back with the same cheerful tone. On the way, he sees this beautiful purple flower blooming by the sidewalk that he was chirping along on. He gets the thought that if he gives this purple flower to his nice Mom then she will appreciate him more and love even more. So he picks it off the grass and moves along and reaches his home in no time, same cheerful state he had left earlier.

‘Mommy, I got your meat’, he goes. ‘Thank you, my sweet dear’, she would reply. But she notices that he’s hiding something behind his back and asks him what it is. He blushingly says ‘I saw this on the way back and I thought if I gave it to you it would make you happier’. ‘That’s so sweet of you my dear child, but what is it?’, she smiles. ‘This..’, and with that, he presents the purple flower to his dear old nice Mom. Shocked, enraged, and fumed, she picks up an empty frying pan and hits the boy on his head. ‘Get out!’, she shouts. ‘Help! Police! You Devil!’, she would say at the top of her voice.

The boy runs out of the small house that lives by the street. He runs and runs, crying and whaling about all the pain caused by his dear old Mom who thrashed him with an empty frying pan.

He eventually stops at a corner of the garden, still whimpering about the pain caused by his dear old Mom. Then this nice old nanny walks along the same garden smiling ever so cheerfully, and sees this kid with tears in his eyes. ‘What’s the matter, little boy?’, she asks. The boy, naturally wounded in his heart over his Mom thrashing him, says ‘I wanted to make my Mommy happy by giving her this nice flower’. Sniffing and blurting out the last words, the boy presents the purple flower to the nanny, who in turn, is shocked, freaked out, and goes mental on the kid by thrashing him with her walking cane whilst shouting out ‘Help! Police! Help! You psycho! Help!’. She thrashes and thrashes the kid on and on and on. And the kid runs away again..

He runs street after street after street crossing the roads from one neighbourhood to another. Eventually he stops again at another crossroad. Still whimpering about his bad day and how he got kicked out of his Mom’s house and by an old lady in public garden, comes along a nice young policeman who passes by the little boy and sees him crying and on his own. ‘What’s the matter, young boy?’, he asks. And the boy says ‘ I wanted to make my Mommy happy by giving her this nice flower I got from a flowering cherry tree’, and no sooner does the policeman see the purple flower does he pull out his gun and points it at the kid and shouts out, ‘Oh my God! Hands up! You mean machine, you!’, and throws him into Jail.

Our little boy is now in Jail and is put in with this humongous brutal man. This man turns around to see the boy crying, bruised, in pain, and whimpering and asks him, ‘I was put in here for splitting a man in half because I caught him cheating with my wife; what about you?, in a gruntly voice. The boy, scared from head to toe from this man in front of him, says in a shaky voice ‘I – I – I …..I picked this flower for my Mommy to make her happy’, and shows him the purple flower. The man, scared that he almost craps in his pants, cries out to the jail-house guard, ‘Help! Guard! Get me out of here! Help!’. And with that makes a hole in the jail’s wall trying to run for his life.

The little kid, still whimpering over his bad luck, walks out the hole in the wall. Comes upon a street and crosses it.


He’s run over by an ambulance.

Moral of the story is to always look left and right before crossing the road.