Make a Joke Logo

Hey, here’s a great idea for some practical jokes. Using LogoYes, you can create your very own logo and even get business cards made. They have hundreds of different designs and you can create logo you like, from Worlds Greatest Lover, all the way to World’s Smelliest Mouse. You get a pretty professional finish and the cards are the real thing, so you can pass them around to friends and enemies. Here’s a logo design I created earlier:


Ok, I’m not a mouse, but you get the idea!? Check them out.

Prank Wheel Clamp

Prank Wheel ClampThis is the ultimate in automative pranks. Imagine your friend comes out to his car to find a wheel clamp on there demanding £100 release fee!

You are going to laugh! We certainly did the first time we got hold of one of these at the Joke Shop

They come with instructions and fake clamping notice to put under wind screen wiper.?

They are only £3.99 with free UK delivery, but hurry because stock is limited!

Sonic Grenades!

Sonic GrenadeThis is a must have gadget girls this is the ultimate must have gadget to get your man up in the morning. Just pull out the pin and throw it into the room shutting the door behind you.

You’ll soon know its working when you hear the loud shouts from your other half tryingt to figure out where the noise is coming from.

Keep the pin for when your victim has had enough!

There is free delivery on the Sonic Grenade from The Joke Shop? to anywhere in the UK.

Sonic Grenade

Remote Controle Fart Machine

Fart MachineNow this is a must for April fools a remote control fart machine its become a favourite for quite some time now. Unlike the fart cushion where the prank is over as soon as the victim sits down you can bide your time and wait for the ideal opportunity to play your prank. Maybe when the victim is on the phone or busy talking or flirting casually with someone!

This product is being sold at £10.99 and includes free delivery in the UK.