Remote Controle Fart Machine

Fart MachineNow this is a must for April fools a remote control fart machine its become a favourite for quite some time now. Unlike the fart cushion where the prank is over as soon as the victim sits down you can bide your time and wait for the ideal opportunity to play your prank. Maybe when the victim is on the phone or busy talking or flirting casually with someone!

This product is being sold at £10.99 and includes free delivery in the UK.

One thought on “Remote Controle Fart Machine”

  1. I bought one of these! It gave me hours of fun. I stuck it to the bottom of a chair in a waiting room. You should have seen their faces!

    Next time I will take stink bombs with me too. Wish I could get remote control ones. Perhaps I will just rest them under the chair so they break when the person sits down!

    I am laughing just thinking about it!

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