Cheeky Memos Parking Notes

I’ve been looking for these for ages, ever since I saw one parked on a car. They contain a memo that says: ‘THANKS!… FOR PARKING SO CLOSE. NEXT TIME LEAVE A FUCKING CAN-OPENER SO I CAN GET MY CAR OUT. ARSEHOLES LIKE YOU SHOULD TAKE A BUS.’ Now, I’m sure you can think of a situation when one of these would have been useful for you. You know, when some idiot parks right up to you and you just can’t move one way or the other. Well, I’ve been looking for these for ages and might just get myself a pad of cheeky memos for Christmas.

Its from the funny gifts section at Find Me A Gift, where they have an entire section devoted to the funniest gifts you could fine this side of Christmas. From Yo Mama Toilet Roll all the way to the Inflatable Boob Pillow; you’re bound to find something that will please just about anyone.

Check them out!

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