What movie are you watching?

Joe was watching one of the latest movies online at Let Me Watch This, a website that lets you Watch Movies Online. The website lets you search for a video you’re interested in watching, find streams that play them, using either Flash or DivX. The website even has reviews of different movies that will help you select the right movie to watch. They’re also sorted by number of views, which allows you to select a movie based on how popular it is. Anyway, Joe was really into this site, but one day, he decided to go and watch a movie at the cinema instead.

A man was sprawled across three entire seats in a cinema. When the usher came by and noticed this, he whispered to the man, “Sorry sir, but you”re only allowed one seat.”

The man groaned but didn”t budge. The usher became impatient.

“Sir,” the usher said, “if you don”t get up from there, I”m going to have to call the manager.”

Again, the man just groaned, which infuriated the usher who turned and marched briskly back up the aisle in search of his manager. In a few moments, both the usher and the manager returned and stood over the man. Together the two of them tried repeatedly to move him, but with no success. Finally, they summoned the police. The cop surveyed the situation briefly.

“All right, buddy. What’s your name?”

“Sam,” the man moaned.

“Where ya from, Sam?” the cop asked.

“The balcony”

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