Saving you your holiday

I came across a funny video down at Vacation Check it out:

The video is about a “super hero” who “saves” a family from booking a room in a hotel by making them take a vacation rental instead. Basically for half the price of a hotel room, you can stay in your own apartment, in your own luxury and space. I like the way the ad makes use of humor to make the message stick; even though the hero is a bit pathetic. One thing’s for sure: next time I think about taking some sort of holiday, this vacation rental commercial is going to haunt me like a sticky ghost.

Watch the robber

The exterior of a RadioShack store in a shoppi...

February 1, 1993

Raleigh, N.C., police charged Vernon Edsel Brooks, 34, with robbing a Radio Shack in July, despite his foresight in disabling a video surveillance camera by taking the camera with him as he fled.

Now they weren’t using live video streaming services but he forgot to take the recorder to which the camera was connected, police found a tape containing a full facial shot of Brooks reaching for the camera.